GR8 Source of Happiness


There are few things i believe would definitely make ur day memorable.
meeting a good old friend.. or exploring 1000 things in life with a very nice friend after a long time is one of them.
we talk, we share ,we laugh,we care and remember all those moment spent together and it gives lots of happiness and relief.
we have few people around us with whom we may be emotionally attached , seek guidance , and we hope not to loose them forever..
Probably due to uncertainties of life we may get a little drifted away from our very good friends but then, when they reappear just when u were thinking “wish he/she was here” with you and all u want to do is hold them and share your heart out, it will definitely be a cherish-able moment and inexpressible moment.
but then don’t forget to show gratitude and appreciation for all the good things they did for u
be kind enough to them , understand them and i’m sure you will feel connected and make u feel more blissful.




Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

4 thoughts on “GR8 Source of Happiness”

  1. Awesome post Guru Ji. Meeting an old friend is the greatest feeling. Because they are the only people next to your parents with whom you can be nasty as well as good. You can be like the way you are infront of them. About 1000 things that you do… i hope it needs lots of planning. LOL BTW whats the reason behind this post? Met some old friend and got all nostalgic huh? 🙂

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