Are you Shop-a-holic???


We love things  that we see in the showrooms and often desired to have it like Latest Mobile, laptops, new pair of shoes, Jeans, cool t-shirts. And now we go to get that thing and we find the Big sale 50% discount shops on the way. This is just the unplanned spending we do and that just happens

Remember the movie “confession of a shopaholic”?? the lady who was addicted to shopping and it took her a long time to come out of it..

I don’t know how much of value the unplanned sudden purchasing of things adds to our lives but just because the offer seems cheaper or appealing we go and get it.

We deviate from our systematic planning of bigger financial goals and get into meeting of our smaller sudden needs

Some ppl also use credit cards and fall into debt traps. The habit continues and always don’t have the habit of waiting for future benefits. I don’t say don’t enjoy now , but not at the cost of disturbing ur big financial goal ahead .

Have you ever bought a share which gave you instant profits?  Most of the people want to sell it off and take that profit right now, otherwise the profits can vanish!

 Investing in the wrong financial Products

How many times, have you bought things which you don’t need? But you still buy it,

because it feels good! For example, you might buy another touch screen mobile phone even though

your current phone is working well. You buy a nice new shirt – It was on display,

so I do say is please develop a habit of proper financial planning and then spend.

 be more responsible and think twice before you spend on other unimportant things.


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

6 thoughts on “Are you Shop-a-holic???”

  1. Nice one Sup…. I pressed your blog … I feel your best line “Some ppl also use credit cards and fall into debt traps” is always forgotten by most of us in today’s fast life…Thanks for posting some short yet effective mantras on saving money right at this instant.

  2. I have had many discussions about this with an old boss of mine. he used to lament about his wife’s theory of “look how much i saved” due to the sales offers. He always used to counter with the following “if you spent any money you did not save at all”. We are conditioned to look for values, even if it is something we can do without.

    1. thanks for sharing.
      yeah i believe a $ saved is a $ earned
      so if u spend it for the things which is necessary then fine.
      else for momentry instant gratification.ppl have to face $ crisis in the latter stage

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