“No” is a complicated word

We all have faced a situation where we dint wanted to do some particular work but we say “Yes” instead of “NO” .

Imagine your relatives /friends forcing you to buy insurance product which u dint wanted to buy you feel you r adequately insured but just because they are successful in convincing  you to buy that product You say yes.

I also got a call from by stock brokerage firm to trade into equities with his recommended stock & I choose my asset classes according to my investment needs and that point of time i wasn’t requiring to  trade into stocks. I kept telling all the reasons and he kept negotiating. Finally I gracefully Said “No”.

These agents/RM’s are pressurized by their organization to meet target and they might in the do or die situation when their jobs are at stake.

And it may happen you end up being a victim.

Remember the calls u would get from some bank convincing u to take personal loans. are we aware of Interest that is levied ?are u really in need of urgent cash and no other investments made so far meets your needs.?

Remember the calls from Customer care representative of a mobile network service provider to activate some service which u actually dint wish to but u end up activating it just because he was successful in convincing you.

Forget these. Remember kids or wife convincing you to purchase some or the other items while shopping which u feel is not necessary at that point of time.u really wanted to say “No” but u couldn’t say it and finally u buy it.

I have also heard of few cases where ppl agree to help their friends relatives by becoming guarenteer For their loan as, they want someone from the city itself and ask you to just give your PAN Card or any other documents as a proof. You can’t say NO. Months and years pass on and then when the time comes if they couldn’t repay the loan and eventually if u become a defaulter u would land into trouble.

even while choosing a career.. especially I have observed with students choosing engineering. They wanted to specialize in some branch of their choice and because their parents wants them to take up some other branch they will take that and then suffer.

Another example of frequently observed thing is someone getting committed in a relationship. They are actually not ready for it . but eventually their partner is successful in convincing them to say yes when all they wanted to say is “No”

Finally all they say is We are here to give you best service, please be kind and think about it . you wont get this offer anywhere else.you finally accept it and then regret wish I could have said “No”


Author: theonlysup

Self Motivated. Optimistic , Resilient . Sometimes emotional, most of the Time Happy :)

15 thoughts on ““No” is a complicated word”

  1. Good one & very true 🙂 “NO” is a complicated word indeed… I have had this confusion many a times…
    But then, i feel, YES, NO and remaining SILENT add up to the complexity, when not used in appropriate situations..

    1. Yes if you are clear abt what you want then Yes/no may be easy to decide.
      but silence is fine only when there is lot of unhealthy argument is going on.
      but when u r asked for feedback Never remain silent

  2. Good Morning Guru Ji. What a thought for the day!!!! Really dil garden garden ho gaya. I liked this one very much

    “Another example of frequently observed thing is someone getting committed in a relationship. They are actually not ready for it . but eventually their partner is successful in convincing them to say yes when all they wanted to say is “No””

    Many a times we say YES out of courtesy…. but finally land up in such a situation that only GOD can save us from that Hell.

    Nice post again on Self Realization stuff.

  3. if u saying yes just because u r worried abt what if they take ur decision very personally & not in a healthy way then it is a problem. (Problem is with them).
    yea we all have to learn the art of sayingh NO .it helps sometimes 🙂
    thanks ambika

  4. Indeed…. No, is a complicated word. People know how to use ‘Yes’, where and when, however, they fail to use ‘No’ in a particular situation. Nice post 🙂

      1. Yes, and I have to learn this art. I faced it Most of the time, I can’t able to say NO to my dear and near ones. However, I know, I have to work on this. Because, sometime too available will make you less worthy in their eyes.

      2. That’s a whole different thing. Because whenever anyone being or in a difficult situation, I love to help them. However, I’m talking about every single here and there things. Still you said it true, ‘Saying NO to something which is not so useful can be useful.’ 🙂

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