Reporting Banking Ombudsmen

Imagine a scenario where you do transaction with bank. The transaction is incomplete or unsuccessful.
But the amount is been debited from your account. You approach bank and they say they will credit it within certain time.
You wait and wait but that doesn’t happen. Officials don’t respond properly and they procrastinate the things. What do you do??
I have experienced a similar trouble closing one of the Demat account.
it took 6 whole months for them to do it while expected timeline was 7 days.
And what I did was file a complaint against them to Ombudsmen.
And matter was solved within next 15 days.
The different scenarios which I have heard are:• Loss of cheque from Cheque drop box
• Closing your account without providing any prior information or reason

• Delay in the services
• rejecting the loan without proper justification or reason
• misbehaving with customers.
This can be done by filing a complaint online.

Follow the link

Enter details and you can upload any supporting documents
Altogether a good initiative atleast I can say.
I have 1 last thing to tell . I have heard people complaining about recovering loans from guarantor .
Bank has the full right to recover loan from guarantor when intended person is unable to pay and you can’t file a complaint against this.
Some people I know had to wait for a longer time even from ombudsmen but still they have been benefitted finally.
Well filing of complaint doesn’t cost anything. It will take minimal effort and time
So why not make use of it. But people have to have a little patience.


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